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Personalised Danger and Lockout Tags

To ensure compliance to the relevant Electricity Safety Acts, Regulations and Codes of Practice, Companies are required to have in place a system of isolation to provide personal protection for employees and protection of company property.

Personal Danger Tags are a primary notification that someone is continuing to work on a piece of equipment and their individual safety will be at risk if the equipment was de-isolated.

As an addition service, Jamestech has the capability to print hard card passport tags.

Many Sites have different requirements  for Safety / Danger tags and also Department of Natural Resourses and Mines have certain requirements under :
Guidence note – Isolation
Guidence note – Out Of Service

Jamestech can print any configuration of tags, personalised for each employee  / site requirements with information that can be specifcally designed for a certain site, specific project or shutdown.

Example Tag (85mm x 54mm).

Please contact any of the Jamestech staff and we will be very pleased to provide a costing to have personalised danger tags provided for your employees.

Main Telephone, 1300 732881 (freecall within Australia)
Brisbane Office, +61-7-55493471
Townsville Office, +61-7-47267709

We look forward to assisting with your project.

Jamestech is proud to prioritse Electrical safety

Jamestech attends the Mines Electrical Safety Conference 2012

Jamestech again enjoyed attending the Mine Electrical Safety Assoc. Conference 2012, 4th – 6th July, held at the Sebel & Citigate, Brisbane.

The MESA Conference is a must attend for Electrical personnel working in the Mining Industry. It is an invaluable source of information regarding Electrical Safety and Standards and an opportunity to speak directly with others regarding issues within our Industry.

Ken Cryer,
Jamestech Group
Peter Bacon,
Carpentaria Gold

Technical sessions included: updates to the Australian Standards, The latest requirements for Lighning and Earthing, National Electrical Licensing updates, Variable speed drives, Power Tools and many other interesting and relevent topics.

Jamestech thanks Ken Innes and all of the Mining Electrical Safety Committee for organising such a great event for our Industry.

Darren Caulfield