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Electrical Contracting for the Mining Industry

Australia is one of the biggest mining operators in the world and has work sites here and around in the world. This means mining projects can be complicated to complete, especially if we’re talking about big-ticket projects. Large projects such as these need many skilled technicians working together to complete the needs of the project, and one such skill is that of electrical contractors.

Electrical contracting for the Mining Industry

Even the mining industry needs electrical contracting. As a licensed mechanical and electrical contractor, James Technologies specialises in supplying project services and skilled labour for not only the mining industry, but also refining, construction, and oil and gas industries. We understand how important it is to find reliable electrical contractors for projects and make it our goal to offer just that.

In this article, we’ll look at electrical contracting services for large-scale projects in Australian and overseas mining projects and how James Technologies’s electrical contractors can help you achieve your goals and run a complex project with finesse and high degree of confidence.

What Is Electrical Contracting?

First, let’s define electrical contracting and what it is we do. An electrical contractor is a person or a business entity that handles all jobs related to electrical systems. These include installation, modification, maintenance, design and planning.

We also:

  • Work closely with other contractors and professionals such as architects and interior designers to make sure that our work is compatible and within the standards required by the client
  • Provide sound and expert advice to our clients to anything related to construction work and maintenance. For instance, we can offer ways on how make energy systems such as electricity be more efficient and sustainable, which will then generate better returns for the business and allow them to enjoy better cost savings
  • Manage projects, both big and small, for businesses
  • Provide labour, transport and supply
  • Make sure that we complete projects according to the standards, rules and regulations set by the government and industry organisations

Our electrical contracting for the mining industry includes a wide range of services and technicians including:

  • Electricians
  • Communications
  • Ventilation
  • Testing and commissioning services
  • Mechanics and administrative staff
  • Cable repair services
  • Engineering services
  • High-voltage distribution
  • Workshop services
  • Onsite support services
  • Outdoor HV switchgear

To top it off, we are licensed electrical contractors. This is very important information because we’ve already come across people and companies who settle for “freelancers” or fly-by-night contractors simply because they are considerably cheaper.

Electrical contracting is a much specialised field for the simple reason that it’s a very risky job. It cannot—and should not—be handled by just about anyone. In turn, any business entity or person that wants to engage in this business should have a licence provided by Electrical Licensing Board.

One of the requirements is to pass more than 60 competencies that help the licensing board gage our knowledge, expertise and experience in the field, including in mining, oil, gas and refining industry.

Electrical Contracting Services

When it comes to electrical contracting, James Technologies can help you with:

HV Switchgear and Maintenance of Transformers

You need a technician who can help you effectively manage your electricity with ease and confidence. James Technologies can help you in the installation and maintenance of HV switchgear. We also provide maintenance support with regard to transformers. These are pieces of large equipment, and you need a handful of team to help you out with this one. We use specially designed equipment and software so we can properly keep track of the conditions of these instruments.

Electrical Maintenance Support

Our work doesn’t end as soon as we’re done with planning stage or we have already installed the needed electrical systems. It goes on all the way to the maintenance. Granted, everything goes through wear and tear. At some point, your electrical systems have to be changed, modified and upgraded. They may even have to be removed altogether to make way for better systems.

What we do is to help you monitor the performance of your electrical systems, recommend accordingly, spot trends that we believe can benefit your business, upgrade plans and designs whenever necessary, repair defects and issues, spot potential problems and offer long-term solutions to avoid the same problems in the future. Every time your system bogs down, it means expense for your business.

Electrical Hire and Equipment Supply

With James Technologies, you don’t have to invest heavily on electrical and construction equipment and supply, because we can already do this for you. Thus, you pay only for the services that you need. Most of all, we can provide you with great professionals whom you can hire for specific jobs or who can help us do the projects.


Some jobs are better left to experts so you can focus on what you do best. We recommend James Technologies electrical contracting services for projects in the mining industry. Please call us for more information.

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The Importance of Project management for Mining Sites

Can you imagine a school without a principal or a department without a manager? It’s the same thing when you think about projects. Project management is the foundation that holds all independent components together and is one form of management that’s a necessity for mining sites.

The Importance of Project management for Mining Sites

James Technologies offers project management to different industries including mining. We have been doing this for years, making us certified experts in the field. However, it’s also just as essential that you understand what project management is and, most of all, why it’s an important structure for mining sites. This way, you can appreciate and understand such need.

What is a project manager?

The requirements for project managers can vary among industries, but they normally fall in the following:

Management of resources: Although it’s true that project managers manage people, in a much bigger scope, they take care of the resources of their company. These include time, equipment and money. As such they have to ensure that:

  • Projects are completed in a timely manner.
  • The right people, qualified and experienced, are working on the project.
  • Equipment needed to accomplish the project is well maintained and/or upgraded.

Priorities: Projects are composed of various elements and phases. Thus, they have their own requirements when it comes to resources such as time, money and people, to name a few. But given such resources are finite; it’s the job of the project manager to prioritise things according to:

  • Resources available
  • Objectives or expected results from the project
  • Demands and support of the upper management or the company

Forecasting and tracking: The project manager is expected to provide forecasts and track the use of resources, the implementation of the project, staffing, etc. It’s extremely essential that the project management head will be able to communicate the appropriate information to parties concerned, which are the management and the team they are managing.

Deep knowledge and experience in handling mining sites: Mining can be very a complex industry, and it requires project managers who truly understand its dynamics.

Communication skills: Project managers should know how to communicate properly. After all, they may find themselves in situations that would require them to negotiate and motivate, as well as resolve both technical and administrative issues. They are also responsible for submitting documentations and reports. They must be flexible enough to adjust their communication skills including according to the people they are talking to.

What are the benefits of project management?

With project management you can:

Minimize common mining issues: For many years, the mining industry has been under the keen eye of environmentalists and the government due to the possible harm companies can do to the environment. However, these types of issues can be effectively mitigated by performing project management.

Project managers can plan accordingly before the project officially begins. The main objective is how to achieve the desired results with the least impact to the environment (e.g. deforestation, water and air pollution) and to the health of those who are directly exposed to the mining site, especially the miners themselves.

Planning can include risk assessment, which is already a form of forecasting. In other words, with project management, you can achieve foresight. I mentioned at the start of this post that mining is a complex industry, and it does have a host of issues, which may or may not happen. That doesn’t mean, however, you don’t exercise foresight. Sometimes you may not be able to completely eliminate the risks but you may reduce its harmful effects to you, the business, and to the environment.

Promote efficiency: Efficiency is defined as accomplishing a project using the least resources and the shortest amount of time. Mining sites have to be efficient for a number of reasons. One, projects are accomplished with very limited resources. Cost, for example, has been one of the primary concerns of the industry, especially since the demand of the product can fluctuate in the market.

Second, you want to greatly reduce the amount of time miners are exposed to mining sites in order to protect their health and safety.

Greatly improve the quality of your work: Good quality should remain consistent all throughout the different phases of the project, and to achieve that, a project should be headed by a very capable manager.

Quality, nevertheless, can have many criteria, which may include the following:

  • Completing the project ahead or on time
  • Mitigation of risks and other mining issues
  • Less turnover among employees
  • Quality of metal ores obtained


Although the success of a project depends on collaborative effort of the team, there’s always someone who guides, directs and even takes the accountability.

As a mining company, you have to choose your project manager very carefully. A project manager has to have training, education, experience, expertise, commitment and compassion as they represent not only the needs of the organisation, but also the people who work with them.

For your project management needs, please get in touch with James Technologies or visit our Project Management page to help your mining site run smoothly.

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