High Voltage Training Courses & Compliance Audits

Over time, the Acts and Regulations governing or applying to the use and maintenance
of equipment in the work place have changed. New requirements have been added,
new boundaries put in place and while this is happening, advances in work practices have
occurred throughout the industry.

Stay up to date with current regulations with James Technologies High Voltage Training Courses & Compliance Audits. Call 1300 732 881 to enquire about our Training Courses today.

High Voltage Switching & Inspection

Jamestech can assist with Switching your Private Network. Private Networks are those not controlled by a Distribution / Supply Authority. Most Mines / Refineries, Heavy Industry Pants, Large Shopping ...

High Voltage Connection Audits

Jamestech staff have extensive experience and qualifications to assist you with Auditing your HV installation. A high voltage installation is a group of items of electrical equipment permanently conne...

High Voltage & Mine Site Compliance Audits

Am I sure my business has kept up with legislative change? Am I relying on “What we, have always done is…”? Am I exposed, should something go wrong? What should I do next? Over time the Acts and...

High Voltage Training Courses

Jamestech are very proud to have developed our Site-Specific On-Site High Voltage Training Course that we can provide for your employees tailored to your site and your equipment. Based on the current ...