Keeping your sites P&IDs up to date

P&ID’s (Piping And Instrumentation Diagrams)  are schematical diagrams showing piping, equipment and instrumentation connections within process units.

When the instruments are used for the measurement and control of industrial manufacturing, conversion, or treating processes, the term Process Instrumentation is applied and when the measuring and controlling instruments are combined so that measurements provide impulses for remote automatic action, the result is called a Control System.

In most situations where the desire is to totally control and measure the properties of a material within a process, several instruments may be required. This makes it necessary to have different instruments along the pipe, measuring numerous properties of the medium such as Temperature, Pressure, Level, Flow, Humidity, Density, Viscosity, to give a full understanding of the operation and understanding of the process.

Over the life of a plant many situations arise where the site drawings are not kept up to date and important current information is not recorded. Usually it is the P&ID associated with the loop being changed that does not get immediately updated.


Current up to date P&ID’s asssit everyone from the Engineers and Technicians to the Process Plant Operators both within the Control Room and in the field. The P&ID is regularly used as a platform for the Control Room HMI. Where the 2 differ kaos and confusion are the outcome.

The small amount of time spent updating the drawings after changes to piping and subsequemt instrumentation saves many hours of head sctratching and frustration during a process loop failure … which generally happens on nightshift during a major process push.

Jamestech Instrument Technicians are always available to assit in either a simple review, or a full site audit of you P&ID’s to ensure what is in the field is in the drawings.

Jamestech also have the Engineering support and Technical Draftspersons to assist in completing a full drawing review and update.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Jamestech staff on +61-7-55473600.

Darren Caulfield

Darren Caulfield

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