The Art of Instrument Tube bending


As stated in previous Newsletters I completed my apprenticeship at Queensland Nickel as an Electrical Fitter / Instrumentation tradesman. It was great training and the tradesmen teaching us where all experts at their trade.

Little did I know at the time, the skill required to ‘bend tube’ that is bend multiple thick wall stainless steel impulse lines into a perfect parallel run, all having to be positioned perfectly side by side with no crossovers.

The time taken to complete such installations always surprised me, with the instrument fitters completing the runs sometimes taking several weeks to complete the installation. At the completion of the tube run these projects where perfect and absolutely pieces of art.

Due to my youthful impatience, it was not until several years in construction where I developed the patience and detail to complete such tubing runs.

Old faithful was the Swagelok Hand Tube Bender Manual though these days there are numerous videos on youtube that can assist.

Field Instrumentation installation has previously been the domain of the Instrument Fitter. The specific instrument artificer trade ceased in Australia several years ago and it has fallen into the domains of Electrical trades – completing the wiring and calibration and the Mechanical trades – completing the field installation, impulse tubing.

Recently I have received emails from Tradesmen, both Electrical and Mechanical who are all experienced in Instrument/Impulse/Process tube bending. All have recently finished projects installing and commissioning instrumentation and are searching for a new project.

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Darren Caulfield

Darren Caulfield

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