Workplace and Family Support

Can you sit back for a few minutes and put yourself in someone else’s shoes. What would it be like to be in their position? What would you do?, how would you feel ? When you are about to fire off that grumpy email to state your position, take 10 seconds and think if it could be written a different way.

Given the pressures that are brought by the recent natural disasters in Australia, the floods in North Queensland, the fires in the south and horrible drought in the west, there is no doubt stress levels are  elevated and families will be needing support to stay focused and survive the hardship that has unfortunately be born.

A few handy contacts;
Lifeline –
Give it –
MATES in Construction –
Jamestech Support –

We all need to care for our communities and keep an eye out for those that may need a helping hand.

Darren Caulfield
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Darren Caulfield

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I am the Director at Jamestech Group of Companies. In 1996 I started James Technologies Pty Ltd (then later the Jamestech Group of Companies). Please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime, where you feel I or the Jamestech Group could assist you in any way.